The RS21 Masters Cup is an exciting new sailing series that will take place in both Tallinn and Sardinia in 2023. This thrilling event will feature corinthian level sailors, who will compete against each other in a series of races to determine the ultimate champion.

The RS21 Masters Cup is unique in that it features an owner-driver rule, ensuring that the racing is fair and competitive for all involved. Additionally, each boat must also include at least one female crew member, adding an extra level of diversity and inclusivity to the competition.

While the owner-driver and female crew rules help to level the playing field, the other two crew members are free to choose whomever they wish to compete alongside. This opens up the opportunity for young sailors, friends, and professional sailors alike to join in on the action and test their skills against some of the best sailors.

The first two acts of the RS21 Masters Cup will take place in Tallinn's stunning Noblessner Harbour, with the remaining events scheduled for Sardinia in October ( and November). These locations provide the perfect backdrop for this thrilling competition, and spectators can expect to witness some of the most exciting racing action around.

So if you're a sailing enthusiast, be sure to mark your calendars for the RS21 Masters Cup and don't miss your chance to witness some of the most thrilling and competitive sailing action around!

NOR will be published in 15.04.2023